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The device provides a critical processing power and connection performance for the smooth safe running of the company's grid. The all-powerful PS236 has the MIL-STD-810G standard rating and has won good credit in the industry for its reliability and durability.
Getac B300 magnesium aluminum alloy casing, which used light strong, through the explosive-proof grade UL1604 Class 1, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D, effectively meet the portable explosion-proof portable data acquisition system and explosion-proof.
Getac laptops are used for the exploration of the scene, to record and analyze data, such as: the depth of borehole inclination, azimuth, and the surface of the bit knife, and interconnect with other equipment, in order to realize data sharing.
Transportation [ 2017-08-16 ]
Transportation equipment testing need precision and complicated calculation and analysis, whether railway, shipbuilding, aviation, road maintenance, maintenance personnel need to be in the outdoor environment to gather detailed data, the field analysis to confirm the safety and correct.
Getac B300 aluminum magnesium alloy design, the characteristics of both strong and lightweight, effectively to meet customer demand for portable notebook computer with strong, even in a collision with bumps test, can be normal operation.
Getac PS236C is a highly cost-effective industrial explosion-proof PDA for specific industry customers' special needs.
Janoptik's choice of the Getac E100 weighs just 1.4kg, making it the world's most convenient and lightest solid tablet. The strength of the Getac device gives field workers an advantage, and it makes it easier for staff to work in a mobile state.
V100 display has the Getac QuadraClear ? sun visible technology, brightness can reach 1200 nits, glance will not be in the hot sun, let in track inspection work outdoors for a long time, you can see on the display information, guaranteeing the convenience of work.
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